Campagne tegen vooroordelen over de Griekse Herder mix deel IV

En we gaan door! Geïnspireerd door onze campagne, heeft nog een van onze Engelse volgers haar verhaal ingestuurd. Hoewel zij geen adoptant van ons is, delen wij graag haar verhaal!

For the Strays – Paws of Greece voert campagne om de misstanden, de vooroordelen zogezegd, over Griekse Herder mixen te ontkrachten.

Hoewel wij altijd ‘voorlichten’ over het sterke en zelfstandige karakter van de Griekse Herder mix, is het echt een fantastische huisgenoot. We zullen af en toe een adoptant van een Griekse Herder mix aan het woord laten en in deel IV is dat Susan:

“We adopted Maisey to the UK over 2 years ago from a shelter in Greece. She was found on the streets living as a stray, we don’t know anything about her history. She was taken to the shelter and luckily had no major health problems she was just underweight.

Despite her clearly being a Greek Shepherd breed or definitely a mix of that breed we have had no problems with her.

She is so friendly and playful and fitted in with our existing dogs immediately and loves playing with them. She has never shown any aggression and much to our surprise very quickly adapted to living in a home and even went to the door when she needed the toilet and will wake me during the night if she needs to go out.

Maisey can be reactive on a lead but never when she is off the lead, I don’t think that is anything to do with her breed. She has taken a while to truly bond with us and she becomes more loving and affectionate all the time. All rescue dogs take time and they are all different, we have had no problems with Maisey regarding Greek Shepherd traits that we hear about. We love her to bits.”

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